Sociocultural Assessment Essay

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In today’s world assessments are of unescapable importance in creating accountability for teachers and students. In a society with an increased changing demographic face proper assessments must be accessible for every student. Thus, the selection of proper assessments for English language learners is a fundamental part of effective instructions. Assessments are an essential part to help determine which goals have been met and which goals still need to be worked on. Amongst the many options for assessments there are sociocultural assessments that can aid to effectively assess English language learners. Since assessments can help guide teacher instruction and planning. Through the implementation English language learner teachers should employ…show more content…
When teachers are creating the formative assessments for students they can use information gained from parents or even information they have collected through observation. In this manner teachers ensure that they are covering student’s particular needs but still covering the content of the particular lessons. As discussed in the article by Smith, Teemant, and Pinnegar the content students are assessed is a reflection of teacher professional practice. For a teacher that genuinely is concern in students’ progress will modify the content .Teachers can also make the accommodations necessary to meet the student’s particular needs, this can help increase the performance of students greatly, however the effectiveness of the accommodation is dependent on how familiar students are to it( Abedi, Courtney, and…show more content…
Feedback is important to students’ academic growth it guides them. Implementing assessments that provided a timely feedback is essential for students’ academic success. Teachers can present feedback to students as they share their improvement in particular skills. In order for the feedback to be effective teachers must share with students, what are the particular goals or expectations during a lesson or activity. Feedback needs to be timely and relevant to what the students are learning and in a manner that will not make students uncomfortable. With English language learners teachers should be specific on what are the criteria’s for the assessments, when given feedback about the assessments teachers should also list the individual target students missed rather than just giving students a broader overview of what should be improved.
Sociocultural assessments should be an essential part of every school that houses English language learners. These assessments give English language learners a little more fairness. With the used of relevant feedback and fairness in assessment students will be able to excel. However, it is ultimately the teacher’s decision to implement them as a form of better practice and also to make the accommodation necessary to help student’s success. Teachers must have the willingness to do the extra work necessary to make these assessments as comfortable and effective as they
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