Importance Of Instructional Strategies

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Following InTASC Standard 7, Standard 8: Instructional Strategies is described as the teacher understanding the importance of utilizing instructional strategies to support the learner’s broad understanding of key concepts and ability to apply the knowledge in various, meaningful ways. I firmly believe that implementing instructional strategies across education is one of the core foundations for both effective teaching and learning. An example of an instructional strategy that I utilized while in my placements is providing the students with strategies to connect prior knowledge and learning. More specifically, when introducing a concept to the class, I provided the students with a KWL Chart. This comprehensive chart provides the students…show more content…
For example, if I was presenting a lesson on The Eiffel Tower, the students may not be familiar with all key components, but through the use of a KWL Chart, the instructor can assess whether the student previously learned that The Eiffel Tower was in France, or that the student wanted to know what it was made out of. By gaining access to the students thoughts and knowledge, this increases the opportunity to provide meaningful information through instructional strategies. Throughout all of the artifacts in my portfolio, “changing it up” through the use of instructional strategies was a skill needed to successfully complete the assignment. For example, when creating lesson plans, the teacher must provide multiple instructional strategies to ensure that each student is applying the newly learned knowledge in meaningful ways that will resonate throughout academic growth.
Next, InTASC Standard 9: Professional Learning and Ethical Practice is illustrated as the teacher participates in lifelong learning and uses evidence based practices to evaluate the instruction. More specifically, Standard 9 focuses on the outcomes of choices and interaction with others such as students, families, staff, and the community. As

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