Social Work Case Study

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Background Information of Interviewee I interview Professor Brandi Berry-Lovelady for this Ethics Assignment. She is my professor for Social Work 320, Childwelfare. She has her LLMSW and is currently working for the state as the Permanency Resource Monitor. This means that if a child has been in the foster care system for more than a year, she evaluates the case and tries to move the process along so that the child is either returned back to his/her’s parents or moves to have the parent’s rights terminated and finds a permanent home or adoption for the child. Before this position, she was a CPS caseworker and supervisor. However, Professor Berry’s background was not always in social work. She was in her third year of medical school at Michigan…show more content…
The woman ended up going into labor and delivering her baby at just 25 weeks. They baby was born blind and with cerebral palsy. Because of the early delivery and the state of the baby’s health, CPS was immediately called. Originally, the other workers thought this was just a domestic violence case. However, Professor Berry soon realized that it was not an accident that the woman went into labor so early. Professor Berry learned that this young woman was indeed in a very abusive relationship. However, she also learned that the woman was almost done with her first year of nursing school at Grand Rapids Community College. The woman did not want to have her baby, but the boyfriend rarely left her alone. He would follow her to class and work and text and call her constantly. Because of this, the woman could not get away long enough to have an abortion. This was when Professor Berry learned that on the night before the woman delivered her baby, she dank a large amount of alcohol, took cocaine, and then took a combination of two drugs which cause the cervix to contract and induce

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