Social Media 's Impact On The Area Of Online Privacy And Performance Of Students

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In recent years, the social media has become one of the major means through which various people connect throughout the world. Since the launching of Facebook in 2004 and Twitter in 2006, the social media networks have taken different platforms. It is even estimated that in 2016, there will be over 2 billion online users of these social media networks. This means that over a quarter of the world’s population would be able to connect through these social media networks. Moreover, businesses and students have also benefited from the use of social media for communication purposes as well as for businesses. However, studies have revealed that online networking sites have more disadvantages than advantages particularly on the area of online privacy and performance of students (Issa, Isaias and Kommers 31). People may disagree and argue that social networking sites bring them lots of benefits. With more personal information been put up online, it is more likely of technology to analyze your preference such as shopping habits or the kind of news you are interested in. These analyze can serve people with more convenient online experience. In addition, social networking sites enable you to connect friends all over the world. Even though you study abroad and there is distance between you and your old friends, social networking sites provide a perfect way to keep your friends updated with your life in the foreign country. Nevertheless, from my researches and interview, I would like to discuss the disadvantages of social networking sites by basing the arguments on the two areas. Majority of the teenagers and school going youth who use these social networking sites are not normally careful about the issues they post on these sites. Because ... ... middle of paper ... ...n np). Lack of proper physical activities has also been attributed to poor performance. The use of the Internet has greatly revolutionized the world because it has made people overcome many challenges especially when it comes to long distance communication. However, based on the facts discussed above, it can be argued that the Internet has also had its own disadvantages particularly when it comes to the privacy and performance of students. To tackle the issue of privacy, the social media administrators should come up with ways through which it can improve their features so that information posted on such sites do not get to the wrong hands (Price-Mitchell np). On the issue of performance, it is the duty of teachers and parents to ensure that they regulate the amount of time their students and children spend on the Internet for the sake of their academic excellence

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