Impact Of Social Media On Children's Development

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How does social networking affect children’s development? Studies show that social media’s are affecting children’s development because more time is being spent on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vine other than doing homework and studying for school. But despite the negative impact in children development to our social medias it does have a positive impact because it teaches them social skills, computer skills, but it could also teach them bad skills like talking to strangers and kidnappings because kidnappings could happen by someone who lies about their age and where they’re from so children will easily give up information like that to someone they don’t know also known as a fake profile, who could be a kidnapper or a rapist. It can affect children’s development because text messaging, direct messaging, and facebooking, children or young adults spend so much time on the social media’s. It actually affects their development. Among preschoolers watching too much television can affect them by having a negative impact on attention, adjustment to middle school and high school. It...
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