The Importance Of Media And Technology

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Media and technology have an ever increasing role in how we as humans communicate with one another as well as help impact our culture. The printed word, once able to be mass produced helped usher in an era where where people could seek the education and reading skills they desired, brought print and knowledge to the masses. Now with the more common use of digital communication and media outlets, our options for information and communication are almost entirely unimpeded. Technology allows us to live through multiple Renaissance type periods filled with ever growing pools of information from which to share, and culture changing happenings coming from every corner of our connected world. Media and technology have had profound impacts on all…show more content…
The internet helped give rise to the use of email, then it was blogs, now it 's smart phones. Soon we will have technology such as Google Glass which will allow us to take videos, pictures, research information without even having to use a keyboard or mouse(Brin, S. (2013, February 1)). We have already reached a point with technology like Apples ' Facetime which allows us to speak with one another directly, face to face so we can share our full range of emotions over vast distances. Technology will only keep getting faster, cheaper, and more effective in it 's ability to allow us to communicate with each-other from anywhere on the planet. Perhaps in the future we will find ways in which to communicate with one another and other life forms across the galaxy or even the…show more content…
When it comes to individuals, the transition to electronic media has had a enormous effect. Individuals used to be passive observers when it came to print unless they were themselves authors. Now with the advent of Facebook and other social media sites, individuals are not the content creators. People can share all types of information with almost anyone via the internet and increased connectivity. Individuals were able to come together via social media, the internet, and smart-phones to mobilize the “Occupy Wall Street” movement and even more recently the “99%” movement as well, as like minded individuals sought each other out in order to stand against economic disparity. With the transition from print to digital media also came the mass collection of personal data. Individuals are sharing more and more information not only with each other but also financial institutions and retail outlets. This information can and will be shared by those entities in order sell people on items and services they may be interested in, or have been interested in in the past. This has brought up concerns with cyber-security and an individuals rights to

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