Social Connections In Interpersonal Relations

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People are social animals (Baumeister & Leary, 1995) and as such, generally engage in much thought about their interpersonal relationships. As social animals and humans tend to seek connections with those that they interact with in their environment (Vrticka, 2013). The society is made up of the social connections and thus the name that indicates social connection (Shultz, Opie, & Atkinson, 2011). The variation that tends to be associated with the connections is of paramount importance to help with the establishment of the reasons underlying. Understanding the primary tendencies relative to the cognitive elements and abilities of the parties involved is crucial to unearthing the basic premise of various relationships despite their variance.…show more content…
It is distinct from a generalized need for cognition Petty & Caccioppo, 1982), or a tendency to engage in and preference for difficult problem-solving. The trait NCBR scale focuses on enduring tendencies across situations where one tends to think about or analyze relationships, while the state scale reflects a temporary tendency or need to think about relationships induced by specific goal-blocking situations resulting in “outcome dependence”. This is two main and crucial criterion for establishing the elemental responses associated with relational differences. As mentioned above, the state scale tends to be temporary. This is to mean that, when one exposed to certain stimuli in the environment, which in this case is their relationship with another person, there are elements that bound to come up. In an example, when one is faced with an argument with their partner or a close interaction, they are bound to react in a certain way that fits the emotions associated with the situation and the stimuli induced or presented at the time. It is possible, that next time they encounter such a stimuli, they may not react in the same way. They may actually not react in the generally perceived manner that is common in such a situation (Cacioppo, Petty & Kao, 1984). This relative to the fact that, the state reactions tend to have some element of uniqueness and they also take on a temporary stance that is fitting to situation at hand. One may even experience a negated sense of feeling that is not reflective of the argument and may instead be calm and collected about the said situation. If an argument ensure between a husband and wife, the parties may not bring out the elemental aspect of anger, depending on the relationship and the situation. Aspects of the events leading up to the
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