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The movie “Social Network” is about the ideas and the development behind the creation of the very popular social networking site “Facebook”. Mark Zuckerberg is the main character in the movie and also the actual creator of Facebook. There are multiple instances, where various components of interpersonal communication are used throughout this movie. For instance, in the very beginning of the movie Zuckerberg is speaking to his girlfriend Erika, about school, which appears to be a relationship of both circumstance and choice, but uses a bit of sarcasm and conversational narcissism when speaking with her. His girlfriend in return uses the direct termination strategy, justification, by telling Zuckerberg, “we are not dating anymore, I am sorry.” She continues with more statements of why she does not want to be with him any longer. Zuckerberg, being a computer genius, goes back to his dorm and begins blogging about his now ex-girlfriend and calls her bad names. He then visits to a website called “Kirkland House Face Book” and got an idea to compare two pictures of girls side by side and have people vote to see who they thought was “hotter.” He needed to get pictures so he hacked in to several Face Book databases, and downloaded their profiles. Needless to say, the male students loved the idea and the female students hated it, which leads to a variable of interpersonal communication, sex and gender. According to Beebe, Beebe, and Redmond, (2011) Gender refers to psychological and emotional characteristics that cause people to assume, masculine, feminine or androgynous (having a combination of both feminine and masculine traits) roles. Your gender is learned and socially reinforced by others, as well as by your life experiences and g... ... middle of paper ... ...his movie, I was curious as to how much of the movie is actually true so I looked up different articles on the internet and most articles confirmed a majority of the facts stated within the movie. In the end Eduardo Saverin received a settlement of over 1.1 billion dollars. The Winklevoss twins received over 65 million dollars in a settlement in 2008, against the “real” Mark Zuckerberg. The Winklevoss twins simply had an idea similar to the one Zuckerberg had and Eduardo Saverin, invested a little over sixteen thousand dollars. Works Cited Beebe, S. A., Beebe, S.J., & Redmond, M. V. (2011). Interpersonal communication relating to others. Boston: Pearson. Spacey, K. (Executive Producer). Fincher, D. (Director). (2010). the Social Network [Motion picture]. (Available from Sony Pictures, 10202 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, California 90232-3195)

In this essay, the author

  • Explains gender refers to psychological and emotional characteristics that cause people to assume, masculine, feminine or androgynous roles.
  • Explains spacey, k., and fincher, d. (2010). the social network [motion picture].
  • Analyzes how the movie "social network" is about the ideas and the development behind the popular social networking site "facebook".
  • Analyzes how deborah tannen, author of several books on communication between the sexes, views men and women as belonging to different cultural groups.
  • Explains that millennials are unlike any other youth generation in living memory. they are more numerous, more affluent, better educated, ethnically diverse, and manifest positive social habits that older americans no longer associate with youth.
  • Analyzes how generational and age differences may create barriers and increase the potential for conflict and misunderstanding. zuckerberg avoided the winklevoss twins and made up excuses about why he could not meet with them on their project, harvard connection.
  • Analyzes how eduardo saverin, mark zuckerberg's "best friend" and the winklevoss brothers end up suing for millions of dollars.
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