Social Cognitive Theory: The Health Belief Model

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Lets make it quite clear that change doesn’t happen overnight nor is it ever a process easy. To make a proper and healthy life-style behavior change, you must be dedicated to put in the time and effort that’s necessary for accomplish any goal. When I first began to become engage in exercising and becoming more physically fit I found that the Health Belief Model and the Social Cognitive Theory demonstrated the progression that I have made throughout my change. To begin you do not need to try and follow through the steps provided in any given model or a theory, the reasoning behind that statement is that everyone is different so our stages of change will all differ from one another. For me, once I decided that I wanted to begin attending group-fitness classes I found that through the Health Belief Model I had to understand the perceived benefits of my change, I had to…show more content…
In the Social Cognitive Theory reinforcements can be internal factors such as rewarding yourself or they can be external factors. For me my reinforcement came in the form of motivation and support from my friends and the feeling of completion every time I complete a workout class. When I dedicated to join group fitness classes I was fortunate enough to convince a few of my friends to join also and together we have become each other support system. They push me to attend classes and the reinforcement of the feeling of total completion after any given class further motivates and pushes me to continue my positive growth. For any change to be successful we must always push ourselves because when you make a life-style change such as become more physically active and joining group-based fitness we must always continue to work and create new goals because we are always changing and progressing in
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