Social Career Essay

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I believe everyone has a reason for the career path they choose. Some choose by submitting a career test, some by following in a parents footsteps and other choose based on personal hardships or experiences. For myself, my reason for choosing social work was a family hardship with addiction, a struggle to find significance in the career I had originally chose and I saw many opportunities in the social work profession, allowing me to work with various populations. I began my college career with an interest in marketing and business. I graduated from Cuyahoga Community College with an Associate’s degree in marketing. I had done several internships and I felt particularly fortunate to be interning for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I felt…show more content…
We received financial assistance with utilities and food. While we still struggled with money, the assistance we did receive was helpful and I don’t believe we would have stayed afloat without it. At the time, I did not realize the assistance we were receiving was part of the social work profession. In this situation, what pushed me to peruse social work was what the effect of the addiction to the family. Additionally, we could not afford any kind of rehabilitation for him; he was unemployed and without health insurance. I wanted to focus on mental health and addiction. I didn’t want to see a family go through what we did, also realizing some are experiencing much…show more content…
I will be completing my field practicum with the West Side Catholic Center, assisting clients with job readiness, resume writing, job searching and other aspects of workforce development, an area of social work I am more leaning toward and was unaware of when I chose this path. I stumbled on this path when close friends and family reached out to me for resume help and interview tips. My sister mentioned this would be a good path for me in the social work field. I did some research on the suggestion and shortly after, decided this might be the path I would
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