Assimilation In Canada

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533 words

The Indian Residential schools and the assimilating of First Nations people are more than a dark spot in Canada’s history. It was a time of racist leaders, bigoted white men who saw no point in working towards a lasting relationship with ingenious people. Recognition of these past mistakes, denunciation, and prevention steps must be taking intensively. They must be held to the same standard that we hold our current government to today. Without that standard, there is no moving forward. There is no bright future for Canada if we allow these injustices to be swept aside, leaving room for similar mistakes to be made again. We must apply our standards whatever century it was, is, or will be to rebuild trust between peoples, to never allow the abuse to be repeated, and to become the great nation we dream ourselves to be, …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that the indian residential schools and the assimilating of first nations people are more than a dark spot in canada's history.
  • Opines that canada must rebuild trust with its indigenous people to move forward as a society.
  • Opines that children in residential schools were victims of verbal, physical, and sexual abuse, which should not be justified because "it was a different time."
  • Argues that canada paints itself as an inclusive, fair, and kind country, yet in our roots we tried not to be. we must criticize this fact relentlessly.
  • Opines that indian residential schools were unjust, abusive, and a great mistake. the ingenious people of canada carry the pain and scars of those schools in themselves and through their descendants.

Our government’s predecessors have attempted to eradicate Canada’s first people, which is not only an insult to the indigenous people of the past, but to the present. This country did not start off as a joint endeavor of the two general groups of people that inhabited it during its birth, but decimation and forced assimilation of great traditions and people. The assimilation of a great culture, the destruction of oral histories, and the forced loss of language destroyed the chance trust. Only by teaching disgust towards that type of attitude and action, by not excusing it or attempting to justify, will begin a new age of

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