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“Okay, now I want you to add vibrato to those notes.” Mr. Gutaskus, the music instructor at Jordan Intermediate, introduced to the Intermediate Strings. My mind soon began wondering what is this “vibrato.” Was it a bow technique or musical term I have not learned yet? “Vibrato is when you move your wrist and it creates an oscillating sound.” Mr. G added. This could make the intermediate strings actually sound “mature.” We could sound like a mature middle school group rather than an elementary school group, which sounds like kids playing in squeaks. However, I soon realize that vibrato is not an easy technique. I guess I got to get to used to doing vibrato. I thought to myself. Later that the day, I went home to practice my vibrato. Instead, I just played the D major and G major scale with all the notes sounding like a dying cat. “What is that sound?” My mom asked while opening the door of my room, “It sounds so out of tune.” “That is my playing mom.” I answered. She then closed the door and proceed to wash the dishes. My mom just complained about my playing and she usually never pays attention. I thought to myself. I soon began taking…show more content…
G reminded. “Ughhhhhhhh!” Everyone groaned and complained like little babies. “Okay take it from the top. Ready and one and two and three and four and.” Everyone soon played the D major scale again but this time giving a go at vibrato on every single half note even with four finger instead of the open strings. Once the scale finally descended hitting the final lower D, I heard the most beautiful, elegant sound of Amy’s “d” pitch. Wow. I am never going to sound like that. I thought. “I want more vibrato!” Mr. G demanded from the class. I can see everyone’s faces start to turn upside. I knew that no one wanted to do vibrato because it felt uncomfortable and and awkward᠆᠆since it was everyone’s first try doing anything technique to our left

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