Similarities Of An Effective Leader In Hbo's Band Of Brothers

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521 words

HBO’s series “Band Of Brothers” involves analysis of effective leadership and what qualities make for an effective leader. Despite having several similarities including serving in the same unit, holding leadership roles and suffering from some sort of trauma several of these leaders serve as foils for each other. By analyzing the differences between Captain Winters, Sergeant Lipton and Lieutenant Dike an argument can be made to decide what qualities make the most effective and ineffective leader. By looking at what the leader does, what the leader says and what others say about the leader the series determines what does and does not make a good leader in a military setting. The best of these leaders is Captain Richard “Dick” Winters, for he is highly respected. When Lipton was comparing the leaders of E company, he said, “Winters was a leader we could all respect” (Yost “The Breaking Point”). When a leader is highly respected their men are less likely to disobey orders. When a leader is respected their men often put more trust in them. When a leader is respected their followers put confidence in them and are more likely to agree with what they say. If a leader is not respected they will be second guessed when they make choices and their followers are less likely to follow them blindly. By this example, Winters being highly respected makes him an effective leader. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes the differences between captain winters, sergeant lipton and lieutenant dike to determine what qualities make the most effective and ineffective leader in a military setting.
  • Explains that captain richard "dick" winters is highly respected, and he is an effective leader.
  • Explains that sergeant lipton is the 2nd best leader amongst these leaders, for he is responsible. he steps up when dike is not present, and gets respect from his peers.
  • Explains that lieutenant dike is the most ineffective leader amongst these leaders, because he is selfish.
  • Analyzes how captain winters, sergeant lipton and lieutenant dike's individual characteristics characterize them as effective or ineffective leaders in both a general or military setting.

Throughout the episode titled “The Breaking Point,” we see Lipton step up when Dike is not present. An effective leader steps up when he is needed regardless of the task. A leader who is responsible takes care of tasks that must be done even if they are not appointed to them. Lipton gets respect from his peers because they recognize that he steps up and leads or helps them when their leader is not present. This example shows that Lipton being responsible makes him an effective

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