Similarities Between Biblical Stories And Greek Mythology

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The similarities between biblical stories and Greek Mythology. In the Bible and Greek Mythology both were the believe of us to God(s). In biblical stories, christians believe that the lord God created the world; he created birds, animals, and humans. Similarly, in Greek mythology, Zeus and his forces established the mount olympus to be there Eden, and he ordered to create all alive things in earth, even though he doesn’t want mortals, but the mortals still appears. Therefore, Biblical stories and Greek mythology have many similarities, both have the stories of the creation of human. In particular, the three examples that have the closest similarities are The Creation of woman, How god's punish those who don’t worship them and reward those who worship them. and The Kingdom of God. Firstly, the legend that both scripture have was the characteristic of woman; in Greek Mythology, Pandora was a beautiful woman made by hephaestus( Who was the son of Zeus, God of fire; The smith.) he made pandora the most beautiful mortal for Zeus ‘ secret weapon. In Zeus’ plan, he planned to let Pandora marry Epimetheus(who create the mortals and all alive things on the earth). For the dowry, he gave Pandora a sealed chest and told her never opened it. Consequently, because of her …show more content…

All has surrounded a important point, FAITH. Because faith does not strong enough, Eve/Pandora followed their curiosity, Eve/Pandora ate/opened the forbidden fruit/box, destruct them because less faith. Because faith strong enough, Noah/Deucalion and Pyrrha saved from the disaster of cleaning the earth's atrocities, saved by their faith, because we have faith , we are not being afraid of death, accordingly, when we are going to dead , faith will appears in our heart and lead us to a better situation, conversely, those who do not have faith or less faith, will feel nothing, and this was the point i think reveal human nature in Greek mythology and

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