Pandora's Box By Hesiod

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The myth concerning the creation of Pandora and her opening of “Pandora’s box” is one of the etiological stories surrounding the formation of women and their archetypal role in society. Pandora was meant to be a punishment to manhood due to Prometheus’ (Forethought) trickery when he misled Zeus to choose a lesser portion of an ox that was split between him and man, and also when Prometheus stole fire and gave it to mankind without permission. In order to reprimand Prometheus and mankind for their cruel deception, Zeus calls upon his siblings and children to help him create an evil gift, Pandora, also known as “all-gift” (since all the gods created her by contributing a “unique gift”). Zeus presented Pandora to Epimetheus (Afterthought), Prometheus’ brother, and ultimately gave the evil gift of women to all of mortal men as well. …show more content…

This can be seen in Hesiod’s Theogony when he states, “For from her comes the race of female women: for of her is the deadly race and tribe of women, a great woe for mortals, dwelling with men, no companions of baneful poverty but only of luxury.” Women are seen as foolish creatures that only led to trouble. Hence, Pandora, the first woman given to mankind, gave in to her curiosity and opened the tempting storage jar that held all the miseries and evil in the world. She closed the jar just in time to save hope from escaping, but it was too late to save mankind from the rest of the wicked

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