Similarities Between Greek And Roman Mythology

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Throughout the history of the world there have been a number of civilizations which have had a longstanding influence not only their own people and culture, but also on various other societies and civilizations. The Greek and Roman civilizations are two such civilizations. Both Greek and Roman influences have permeated societies and cultures besides their own. While there are many notable similarities between ancient Greek and Roman mythology and religion, there are likely also many differences in their origins, beliefs, and practices. Still, ancient Greek and Roman mythology and culture have influenced people of the world from the medieval ages up to the present. Indeed, ancient Greek and Roman mythology and culture have influenced world theology through the ages. What is mythology? Mythology can be defined in different ways. To some, it can be understood as the entire body of a nation or society’s beliefs of their gods, god, or a scientific examination and explanation of such beliefs. This definition of mythology closely resembles the …show more content…

According to Chaffey, Pandora was the first woman created by the gods. She was blessed with many gifts and was created by water and earth. In the interpretation of her name, “pan” means all and “dora” means gift. Pandora was given a large box or jar that was said to have contained all of the evils of the world within it. She was warned by the gods never to open the box, but her curiosity was too great. She gave in to temptation and opened the dreadful box. By doing so, she released all the terrible evils into the world. In both of these stories, there are some obvious differences, but there are some similarities as well. The two stories tell of the first women on earth and how they were tempted to complete a task they had been asked not to do. They both make a conscious decision to go against the instructions of their maker, and unleash evil into the

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