Should School Be A High School?

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Schools can give responsibility to students but never without a cost. Students should have to chance to prove their worth to schools and show how responsible they can be as adults. When students go to college classes as high schoolers they sometimes tend to have more free time during those times. If a child has enough responsibility to take those classes they should have enough to leave school and be trusted to come back to school after their free time is over. Although leaving school early is not something that is smiled upon it should be because some students are ahead and can work their schedule to allow extra time because of hard work in early years. Being a high school student and going to college can be a hard thing to handle since every hour in college is supposed to be three hours outside for that class. When being in a college environment it teaches you the difference in high school and college and helps you become more responsible. High schools give students the ability to take college at a young age of even 7th grade and still treat those who take college at a young age like irresponsible children. When taking college classes a students may have to lose many or all of their high school classes to do so. When a students has no high school classes they don 't have to go to high school so they have more freedom except those who stay in one or twoclasses don 't have that same freedom. Some students have a goal to get credits done early in their high school career so they can have freedom their senior year. Getting credits for classes early no matter if it 's done online in college or through the high school should prove that the students is responsible and ready for more freedom. When these actions are ... ... middle of paper ... ...nd legal procedures could be done against them. While it is true that leaving school early isn 't something that is shown or told throughout your time in highschool it does not necessarily follow that it can not be done later in your highschool career with correct reasons and precautions from the school systems. Getting freedom from the schools is an important thing for those students that prove they have the responsibly and mindset to not mess up outside. Getting the chance to prove yourself to the school and to your teachers about your responsibility. In general students should have more freedom and chance their senior year to be able to leave and come back if needed since most senior are ahead in credits and need study halls and such. Getting out of school is an important thing to release stress for the teachers and students to get more time to themselves.
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