Should Kids Younger Than 13 Have a Social Media Account?

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Did you know that 20% of all pictures in 2013 have ended up on Facebook? Facebook is an example of a social media website; other examples are Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. If you may not know, social media sites are places on the web which allows you to share information, interact, and communicate with friends and family. These websites are used by many types of people from the youth to the elderly; although, there has been controversies about children younger than 13 having the ability to use social media websites. Even though websites like Facebook may help teens and kids go to college in the future, children should not have an account because it can negatively affect their social and emotion development, it can make children vulnerable to sexual solicitations by adults, and their college chances may be ruined.
Kids should not be allowed to have a social media account under 13 to ensure that these children are not vulnerable to sexual solicitations being offered by full-grown adults. In the article, “Parents and Teens: Social Media Friends or Enemies?” By Lucy Tang-Lessing who is a publisher, Chief James Batelli, who is a veteran police officer, argues when talking about the dangers of teens using a social media websites to “Steal Facebook passwords from your kids.” Chief Batelli says that most parents are naïve about what their teens are doing on the internet. “Read the paper any day of the week you’ll see an abduction or a sexual assault that’s the result of an internet interaction or a Facebook comment,” Batelli cautions. He advises parents to use spyware without telling their kids about it. Also, according to the Crimes Against Children Research Center’s study about the amount of teens becoming victims of sexual ...

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...y accept letters and/or respect others privacy and personal life. Also, big universities like Stanford and Berkeley have declined to look people on the web due to the large amount of interviewees trying to get into the school making it unfair and think it borderlines privacy; therefore, people would either go to a less strict college or move far away.
Even though these social media websites are becoming more popular and are what most people use, kids younger than 13 should not be able to use them. These children just are not ready for a new level of drama, stress, and lack of enthusiasm. Some of the main reasons were it can negativity affect their social and emotion development and cause children to be vulnerable to sexual solicitations. If more and more children younger 13 use social media websites, the future of these young adults may not be bright after all.

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