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404 words

QP engaged Shonquasia in participating in a CBT activity geared towards making healthy sexual choices. QP explained to Shonquasia that the activity will help her to identify the dos and don’ts of making healthy sexual choices and enhance her awareness of consequences of the choices she make and empower her to make healthiest choice possible. QP presented Shonquasia with scenarios in which she had to make choices about sexual health and behavior. QP provided these scenarios to help Shonquasia to understand the choices she make now can influences her future sexual health. QP discussed with Shonquasia the consequences for making poor sexual choices. QP asked Shonquasia to list some of the consequences she had experienced with the choices she has …show more content…

QP asked Shonquasia to explain, what having good health means to her. QP asked Shonquasia to provide examples of physical, mental, emotional social and spiritual health. QP provided Shonquasia with a worksheet in which she had to provide a yes or no response situations describing how she would response when confronted with sexual choices. QP asked Shonquasia, “could a sexual relationship the five aspects of health, if so how”. QP discussed with Shonquasia, how to make positive choices in sexual behavior. QP asked Shonquasia, to list the feelings she have when she feel she is in love with someone. QP assisted Shonquasia in identifying the qualities of a healthy relationship. QP asked Shonquasia to list the things that are important to her in a relationship. QP examined with Shonquasia appropriate behavior with the idea of choosing absence while involved in a like relationship. QP brainstormed with Shonquasia alternative dating ideas, she can get involve in as a way of avoiding sexual pressure. QP assisted Shonquasia in identifying healthy boundaries of a healthy relationship. QP provided Shonquasia the opportunity to express her feelings and thoughts during the

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