Sexual Harassment Case Study

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Prepare a Background Statement to Further Analyze the Problem
The number of sexual harassment cases that are reported each year should be a wakeup call to Corporate America (cost in dollars and productivity) and a concern for society in general (moral collapse). The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reports that from fiscal years 2010-2013, there were 30,580 reported sexual harassment claims resulting in monetary payouts of 173.9 million dollars (Sexual Harassment Charges (EEOC Only), 2014, p.1). Sexual harassment can happen to a man or woman, however as I stated in my previous paper I will research the effects of sexual harassment, specifically a hostile work environment toward women and the effects this has on the victims,
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Until that time, and sometimes even today, sexually harassing behavior in the workplace was seen as a “personal” issue. Something that should be handled quietly with the least amount of impact to the organization. The reason this problem continues to exist and needs further research is to find a solution or solutions to a problem that affects not only business productivity, but has an effect on society as a whole. The following are some reasons many businesses have used in my opinion to explain sexual harassment issues in the workplace, and are reactive to the problem versus being proactive and trying to achieve, zero sexual harassment cases in their organizations:
• Men and women working together each and every day will end in some form of sexual harassment…it is natural and normal.
• Sexual harassment is not clearly defined…what is not acceptable to one person or persons could be totally acceptable to many others.
• A females dress or behavior could encourage some form of sexual harassment.
• Women have entered many professions that in the past were dominated by males, i.e. they do not belong in this type of profession (police, military, construction, etc.).
The impact of sexual harassment on an organization negatively affects four categories of groups (1) employee, (2) co-workers, (3) employer, and (4) society as a whole. The employee is affected in the following ways when they are
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The increase of women in the workforce is only about 30 years old. Prior to that time, the majority of women were homemakers and were not in the workforce in significant numbers. Therefore workplace sexual harassment did not gain the attention of media, lawmakers, labor unions, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and now researchers until recently. However the challenges for females to deal with this type of harassment has been going on since the first day they have entered the workforce! “Researchers estimate that approximately 40% of women have experienced some form of sexual harassment while at work” (Menendez, Snyder, Scherer, & Fisher, 2012, p. 137). Now, Corporate America has not completely ignored this problem within their organizations and have developed policies, educated managers and supervisors with complying with Title VII, Civil Rights Act of 1964, conducted their own research on the issue and provided training, and finally introduced sexual harassment reporting procedures within their organizations. However, according to (McDonald, Graham, & Martin, 2010, p.168) “these responses have worked only in limited ways in drawing attention to how individual behavior reinforces gendered workplace structures and are partly instigated to protect and shield organizations against litigation”. There have been many studies indicating that sexual harassment is widespread
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