Sexism In The Workplace Essay

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Sexism has been around for a long time and it’s still going on today. You see sexism in almost anything, where they get treated unfairly or being degraded by a man or society. One of the biggest places that affects woman in sexism would be in the work force. Woman have been portrayed as inferior inside and outside the house hold. The work force is defined by social structures from patriarchal perspectives. Elimination of gender roles, equal job opportunities and needs a sense of justice. This is America, “Land of the Free; Home of the sexism.” We need to eliminate gender roles because women can do what men can do. Women don’t have to do what woman are normally “suppose” to do because a man can do that as well. When
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According to Leunig (2012), in our society women dominate the part time job market while men have the full time. The reason for that is because women tend to have more needs than men and reasons to not be in a job, for example if a woman is pregnant she won’t be able to come to work at a certain point or would have to go on break because of that. Employers have always paid men more even at the same job, according this article “Sexism at work” the only difference in productivity of a job is that man are typically stronger than woman. A research it talks about in Sweden took a survey in a cigar making company and it was a good idea because it didn’t take strength to make a cigar nor was it really important in this industry, it was more of the productivity of making cigars. How they did the study is by calculating their pays, experience, age, and so on. From what they already found in their pays was that men were being paid men’s wages and women were being paid woman’s wages, with it having a big difference. Another things they found was that men were more likely to be promoted in the company even if a woman was having the same productivity as a man. Women couldn’t get the same job opportunities as a man could because at the cigar company supervisors and managers were male dominate. So even though productivity was the same men were still being paid more, if pay rates was the same and it didn’t require a lot of strength, they would go…show more content…
Even today for example in the profession of teaching men are getting paid more than women by one percent (Payscale, 2015). That goes for a lot of other jobs as well and it’s unfair and a disadvantage for equality even when they are working as hard as man is at a

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