Sexism In The Dress Code And Dress Code In Schools

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We’ve all seen it, don’t lie. Boys and girls alike, blurting out sexist jokes in the hallway and laughing as though it’s funny. Seeing boys objectifying girls, and vice versa, as if it is not an action that is humiliating and ridiculous. Young and impressionable, we have been taught from a young age to fight and bully each other with a simple saying: “Girls rule, boys drool! Boys rule, girls drool!” Regrettably, the idea is displayed on T-shirts at Target and Justice, and it’s tearing schools apart. This mindset of the superior sex is a horrible misconception of the world, implanted by ignorant adults to make ignorant children. Made by some people who didn’t think it threw, one of the most ignorant rules in schools yet was created: dress code and uniforms. Innocently, people believe it’s a tool to implement superior behavior. One may surmise that they’d be in the green light if one covers their body up. In a nutshell, school dress code would rather have girls sent home and miss their education rather than boys ogle at girls and miss their education. Despite some people thinking that the dress code and uniforms should still live on as upheld, the appropriate action would be to rid of both because they are sexist, unfair, and objectifying. To start, sexism is the main complication. Many people have seen boys walk into their academy with shirts so tent-like they could see their entire chests, but if a girl were to do that while wearing a bra, she would be directed home or somewhere where she could change. Sexism plays such a severe role in schools; for instance, school administration would rather send a girl home for showing her collarbone (so she did not distract the boys) than tell boys not to stare. On the other hand, people beli... ... middle of paper ... they look at someone their age. It’s extremely uncomfortable to feel like a piece of eye candy for those who can look. All in all, the gender prejudice, inequality, and objectification in the school dress code and uniforms should be rid of, as the benefits outnumber the consequences immensely, despite the rival’s beliefs. While some students may use the lack of a dress code inappropriately, more times than not a child will benefit. Not only will they feel happier in their own style, but they would also be privileged enough to not be scolded for what they wear. Mind, the lack of a dress code does not mean total mayhem, as cursing is still taken care of in other rules and indecent exposure could fall under many rules and even some laws. The creative expression of a child trying to find their place in the world should not be censored with pleated skirts or blazers.
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