School Uniform Persuasive Essay

Picture in your mind, a world where no student is stressed about how they look. A world where a child is judged not by their clothing or social standing, but by their character and their willingness to learn. This world you just imagined could one day be achieved by letting children learn first and establish their place in the school hierarchy later. You may be asking yourself, ‘How could this possibly become reality?’ (Latham) Well, we can look at several schools in China, such as Hong Kong Academy the third highest scoring secondary school in the country, to see that they associate the school uniform to their school’s success. If the highest academically rated schools are advocating the uniform there must be a reason for it. By definition the school uniform is a uniform worn by students primarily for a school or otherwise educational institution. They are common in primary and secondary schools in various countries and…show more content…
Instead of how they look and how others look they will realize that these arbitrary things are unimportant and they can break those social barriers that normally keep kids from befriending each other. That sense of unity and coming together will reduce bullying substantially and with less violence and need for association with gangs, which leads back to violence, the students will be much less likely to go on to do crimes. Who could argue against reducing crime and keeping our youth safe and out of trouble. Parents not only benefit from the reduction in bullying, but also in the lower cost of purchasing and maintaining uniforms compared to how much is spent on regular clothing. All these benefits would increase our country’s standings academically, our unity as one large, diverse team, while simultaneously reducing violence, and breaking down the socioeconomic walls through a unified
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