Separation Of Parents Case Study

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Separation of parents is not easy for children. They feel confused, shattered and all of a sudden became so private of their lives especially to their classmates. This holds true because they have the fear to be judged, they have the worry of not being accepted and included in the circle of friends she wished to belong, started to lie about her family and they are forced to pretend that everything are just alright with his and her family.
Schaffer and Schaffer (1987) said “In assessing why a student may be having difficulty, a teacher or psychologist would of course examine the child's academic setting and intellectual potential. However, it is also essential to take the student's family situation into account since family problems
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They were nursing their own anger, their own depression and they lose the focus to attend to the needs of their children. They believed they should be understood not question and they believed they are a failure of their marriage without looking into their top priority-their own children.
Parental conflict and its effect on children.(2013). “Research has found that following separation and divorce, children are twice as likely to have emotional, social, behavioural and academic problems compared to children from families that are still together. However, this may not be the case in all families”. “High levels of conflict and ill feeling between parents following separation has also been found to have a negative impact on children’s adjustment following their parents’ separation”.
Hois “Control issues will continue to impact the adolescent’s behaviors, especially if he feels a large part of the decisions about his life are out of his control”. “Possible Long Range Effects of the Loss: If the adolescent believes he has lost all control over his life, he is likely to become either suicidal or to act out in a variety of antisocial
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