Comparing Society: Married Childbearing Families And Society

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Brittany Klein
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16 March 2016

Married Childbearing Families and Society
Childbearing families within a healthy marriage, brings a healthier outlook for children. Understanding and implementing the modeling that mothers and fathers play in a child’s life are essential to a healthy family. There are many effects from divorcing and blended families in today’s society that causes the development for children to become intoxicated with higher risks of depression, behavior problems, decreased ability for academic achievement and emotional stability. The increase in economic resources dependency related to government support programs from non-married families hasn’t decreased in this century. Marriage gives an all-around increase
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Mothers and Fathers in childbearing families play an important role to their children’s lives. Mothers are to nurture, give guidance and discipline by showing love and compassion to both husband and child while fathers are known to give the same to their children, but in a more physical hands on direction compared to verbal interactions that mothers give. “Studies of families with fathers actively involved in both childcare and household responsibilities, reported preschoolers who showed increased cognitive competence, increased capacity for empathy, increased self-control, and a decrease in gender-stereotyped beliefs” (Weiss, Louis, Ph.D., “Fathers Role in Early Child Development” p. 2).A healthy marriage relationship between the mother and father brings a healthy social and psychological development to the child’s life. Having a healthy relationship reduces unhealthy behavior that would be caused by stress, emotional stability, and overall physical health. This gives a longer life expectancy to the family. “In fact, research suggests that the best…show more content…
“Children of divorce are more than twice as likely to have serious social, emotional, or psychological problems as children of intact families…” (Parke, Mary, “Are Married Parents Really Better for Children?” p. 4). Not receiving the support and nurturing that is needed from both parents during adolescents can affect the future decisions made by children at a later stage in their lives. The guidance that is needed for children to make their life long decisions such as continuing education, certain situation thinking processes and decisions. Divorced parents will face loss of income compared to a two parent income, depression, and self-acceptance. Separating mothers and fathers in a childbearing family will lead the mother or father to having to split the roles or replace the role of the other parent in the household while the child might only be allowed to live with one parent for a certain amount of time. Single parent childbearing families face dependency among government support programs while the single parent may or may not be receiving child support that alone is not enough to remove the financial burden that single parents incur. Children often find this difficult having to move back and forth from two homes rather than having one home. Single parents who may later decide to marry often times face large scale problems as a result of becoming blended. This includes methods of parenting

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