Selfish Desire

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People always want to attain their desires. Sometimes desire is such a strong urge that it cannot be avoided. Many people desire to have possessions that do not satisfy their needs. People often crave materialistic items that are luxuries like money, expensive house and cars, and expensive clothing and jewelry. I often confuse materialistic items with my needs. My desire is so strong that these seemingly important treasures often push past my needs. As a child, I would often use my desires for selfish reasons. This selfishness would manipulate my parents into purchasing or obtaining objects that would not satisfy our needs, but desires.

Desire is derived from the Latin word desiderare that means to miss, long for, and desire. Desiderare lead to the creation of the twelfth century Old French word desir is currently spelled like the English word desire, but nothing has changed much except for the pronunciation. The Latin word desiderare meaning to miss, long for, and desire, is almost similar with selfish desires, because many people believe they are missing something they do not have, they are longing for possessions that they want, and they are desiring personal treasures they do not need.

I always want things that I do not need. The things I want are rarely needs, but desires. When I was younger my thoughts of necessities were toys, games, and fancy clothing. I never realize that there were more important possessions like a place to reside, food to nourish the body, and other important factors that helped contribute to my well-being. Desire is an act of wanting, yet people become more selfish with their desires.

I often desire objects that will not benefit me. That action is often considered as selfishness. ...

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... on one decisions and that is the desire.

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