Theme Of Ambition In All The King's Men

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The change someone can endure through their lives is crazy. One day, you can be the most beloved person in the universe, but could also wake up and be one of the most hated. The change that ambition turns Willie Starks into in “All the King’s Men”, can be traced back to“The Great Gatsby” Gatsby is content and happy with his life until the day he catches a glimpse of his love Daisy, from then on Gatsby had this sudden urge of desire of having to have Daisy. This desire of wanting Daisy hid the fact that it wasn’t ever going to happen between them, and in the end, ends up killing Gatsby. Although Willie doesn’t change appearance wise, the obstacles that he goes thru during the story shapes and forms his personality, and transforms himself into the new Willie Stark. In the Novel “All the King’s Men” by Robert Penn Warren, The hurting of one’s own, can be blinded thru the desire and ambition to be at the top.
In the movie “Rudy” Rudy is dreaming of a future of being a member of the Fighting Irish Football team, but to a person isn’t necessarily built to play football at the next level, but to Rudy who is so full of courage, strive and desire, a dream is always possible.
“Yea, I have this wish to let my father watch one of his sons play football for the Irish and I was wondering if I could possibly dress for one game next season.”
"Rudy", who wanted more than anything in the world to play football for Notre Dame. Sadly, Rudy was small, lightweight and lacked any raw skill for the game. If that wasn't enough, Rudy's family wasn’t the best financially, same with his grades, and he was downed by everyone from his teachers to his father. If there was ever a miracle, it was Rudy who needed one. Rudy’s ambition and desire for his drive to...

... middle of paper ... uses her characters as they are useless. She portrays her characters as if there is no point in them even living, like if they were just there to take up space. The difference in Anne Marie and Robert Penn Warren is, in Robert Penn Warren’s “All the King’s Men” they have a goal in life, they have something that keeps them going, something that skyrockets there hope and confidence to get what they want. In Anne Marie’s poems, are tales of depression, on just how her characters’ carry themselves. Her poems are full of hopelessness of their pointless lives. Which are completely the opposites compared to the other arguments.
Therefore the ambition and desire is both a want and a need, it brings peace and comfort but also invades our decision making to figure out the fastest way to meet our goal, which in effect can harm family, friends, and one’s self without guilt.
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