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The Debate on Driverless Cars Ever since the industrial revolution, progress has been skyrocketing for the human race. For many years now, people have been wondering what the future will look like. When someone asks what you picture will be possible in the future, you may imagine hoverboards, shiny chrome clothing, and cars that do not need anyone to drive them. If this is the case, then it may come as a surprise to hear that this future is already here, in the world, today. Maybe not the shiny chrome clothing, but the self-driving cars are definitely a reality. For a few years now, Google and Tesla have been on the front lines in the fight towards driverless cars. Not only that, but they have made quite a bit of progress too. The cars have…show more content…
Research shows that “More than 90 percent of all traffic accidents are the result of human error.” However, when this is compared with the automated cars, “The longest-running safety tests have been conducted by Google, whose autonomous vehicles have traveled more than 700,000 miles so far with only one accident (when a human driver rear-ended the car)” (Bailey, The moral case for self-driving cars). Even the few accidents that have so far happened during the trial runs of Google’s autonomous cars were still due to human error. If humans were taken out of the picture entirely, thousands of lives could be saved annually in the United States and Canada alone. With artificial intelligence running the show, there will not even be a need to worry about whether the drivers around you will suddenly make a risky move or not. Ushering in the age of driverless cars will also reduce many of the other negative aspects of…show more content…
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