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Introduced to the ideology of feminism at the age of sixteen, three years on, I have found myself to be a staunch and out-of-the-closet feminist after colossal exposure to both lurking and blatant sexism, homophobia, and inequality that is prevalent within our communities. To cope with and to promote discussion and action regarding the issues our communities face with regards to sexual orientation, gender, sexism, and equality, I have played a pivotal executive role in the University of Calgary’s Women In Leadership (WIL) club alongside other empowering and like-minded executives. During the club’s establishment in 2011, the founding executive team of the time had congregated at my house, because my sister had been a member; for their first meeting as a team. Finally, after my first year of university and after having seen first-hand the momentum and change that WIL was making on campus, I decided to join the executive team and play a role in propelling the strong current that previous executives had set in motion since their 2011 inception. My first unveiling of feminist reading wa...
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