Scrooge As Depicted In Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol

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534 words

The classic tale A Christmas Carol written by Charles Dickens has been changed, duplicated, and modernized for years while keeping the main theme throughout the different versions.This story is starts with an older man named Scrooge inheriting the home of his former partner who died for unknown reasons and runs his company with a bitter soul and no care for others. One night on Christmas Eve a few men were visiting Scrooge, one his nephew and the others were members of a charity but unfortunately were turned away to the cold. After closing Scrooge gives his only employee a day off for Christmas and returns to his home when the day is done. During Scrooge’s slumber he is visited by Marley’s ghost, the former partner, and warns Scrooge he is to be visited by 3 spirits, the past, present, and future, to change who he is. As each spirit comes and …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how charles dickens' classic tale a christmas carol has been changed, duplicated, and modernized for years while keeping the main theme throughout the different versions.
  • Analyzes how marley is the former partner who owned the company that scrooge now runs by himself. his pause in his walk shows intimidation and fear that others would feel.
  • Analyzes how the tale touches the hearts of every person when the rude mr. scrooge goes on a journey of self discovery to find the true selfless ebenezer.

When Scrooge arrives home he would pause as he looks at the knocker which depicted an image of Marley. His pause in his walk shows a type of intimidation and fear that others would feel as he would approach them due to is reputation of being rude. Though in life Marley was just as good of a business person as Scrooge, he continues to reap what he sewed by wandering “through the world unhappily” because of his unkind-intimidating ways similar to Scrooge’s. Yet Marley was a good businessman and good friend to Scrooge which means he has always bring good to Scrooge. He actually comes out the door to visit and warn Scrooge form having the life that Marley currently has which is miserable. The future hauntings would change the path his life was heading towards which is good thanks to Marley watching over him and his constant presence in the door. The significance is deeply rooted in the character Marley with his relationship with Scrooge from the moment he first saw Marley in the

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