Analysis Of Scrooge In A Christmas Carol

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Do you ever feel like people change? In A Christmas Carol, written by Charles Dickens, Scrooge is a grouchy, unsocial, miserly, uncharitable old man. He is extremely unsympathetic and bah humbugs everything to do with Christmas. On Christmas Eve, Scrooge is magically visited by 3 ghosts. The ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. Scrooge has a rude awakening of haunting memories he holds onto. These memories make him feeling as if he needs a second chance and a fresh start at life. What better day than Christmas to tidy the dreaded past. The mysterious ghosts bring him to the past, present and future in one night. Scrooge had remarkable experiences and felt emotions he had never thought were possible to feel again. Scrooge longed for…show more content…
Scrooge began to see what a lovely and good hearted human he used to be. Scrooge could not bare to look at the flashbacks because he became disgraced of himself. Scrooge began to blame the ghost of Christmas past for making him feel so incredibly mortified. Secondly, the ghost of Christmas present and Scrooge set forth to the Cratchit's home. As Scrooge looks in on the Cratchit’s Christmas Eve supper, he realizes how Mrs. Cratchit dis favors him as they are saying grace before the feast. Mrs. Cratchit reddens with anger and none the less wishes he would no longer exist in the village. Finally, the ghost of Christmas future transported Scrooge into the near…show more content…
Scrooge is completely heartbroken and ashamed when he finds out that the Cratchit’s Christmas Eve dinner will have an empty seat. When Tiny Tim passes away in the time to come, the Cratchit family and Scrooge, are mournful of the loss. The Cratchit’s, as well as Scrooge himself, are depressed and pitiful. Scrooge has everything compared to the Cratchit family, but desires one thing, Tiny Tim’s pure joy. As he looked in on the Cratchits Christmas Eve dinner, Scrooge didn’t take his eyes off of the boy. He is overjoyed about life and the holiday season despite his crippled condition. He had an overjoyed smile on his face and was surrounded by all he needed: love, shelter, and a warm meal. Tiny Tim did not take anything for granted. Everyday was a miracle for him. He was humble and thankful for the things God had provided for him. He embraced every moment, and was positive that everything happens for a reason. Tiny Tim was an extraordinary kid. He was loved by many (including Scrooge), had the necessities he needed in his life, and took nothing for
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