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    Charles Dickens Charles John Huffam Dickens is the greatest English writer that ever lived. He was one of the most popular writers in the history of literature. Surely no English author is so well known and so widely read, translated and remembered as Charles Dickens. He fame is well deserved. From the pen of this great author came such characters as Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim, Mr. Pickwick, and Little Nett. Dickens was born on February 7, 1812, in Portsmouth and

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    “Happiness is a gift and the trick is not to expect it, but to delight in it when it comes” quoted by Charles Dickens (Charles Dickens Quotes 1). This quote came from a famous writer whom we know as Charles Dickens. Charles Dickens was a great novelist and a positive mentor. Most of his life was dedicated to his writings; he wrote journals, novels, and he made speeches while growing up. His writings significantly changed when his family went to prison for being in debt. At the time there were a lot

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    Charles Dickens the British Author of the Southwestern English town of Land port in Port Sea was a very famous and well known author during his time. As an author he traveled to many cities. During his travels he had many children. Some of his books include: Oliver Twist, A Tale of Two Cities, David Copperfield and A Christmas Carol. The book, Oliver Twist, was about a boy who grew up during hard times as an orphan struggling trying to find his way through life. Also, what most people do not know

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    Charles Dickens was an astounding author and titan of English literature throughout the Victorian era. Dickens was remarkably known for his early years, his career, and his life tragedies. During his career Dickens achieved worldwide popularity, winning acclaim for his rich storytelling and memorable characters. Dickens will forever be remembered as a literary genius who changed the world with his vivid novels and his superb stories. Charles John Huffam Dickens was born on February 7, 1812, in

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    today, Charles Dickens is a man that people do not know much about. The only real information that anyone knows about him is that he is an author that has published many famous books and stories, such as The Tale of Two Cities and A Christmas Carol. What is not known about Dickens is that he was a poor person who lived during the Victorian Era (named after Queen Victoria) and was accountable for some of literature’s model characters. Unlike, many modern-day authors most of Charles Dickens’ work was

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    Biographical Summary Charles Dickens is one of the most influential writers in history and was “born in Landport, now part of Portsmouth, on February 7th, 1812”(Priestly 5). Despite being the successful writer that he was in life, Dickens had very humble beginnings and because his Father, John Huffman Dickens, “lacked the money to support his family adequetly” , Dickens lived in poverty through out most of his childhood (Collins). Matters only got worse, however, when Dickens’s Father had to “spen[d]

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    Charles Dickens was born on February 7, 1812, the son of John and Elizabeth Dickens. John Dickens was a clerk in the Naval Pay Office. He had a poor head for finances, and in 1824 found himself imprisoned for debt. His wife and children, with the exception of Charles, who was put to work at Warren's Blacking Factory, joined him in the Marshal Sea Prison. When the family finances were put at least partly to rights and his father was released, the twelve-year-old mother's insistence that he continue

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    Charles Dickens1 English novelist and one of the most popular writers in the history of literature. Dickens proved he was the best of the Victorian authors. He holds his name in English literature forever. Early criticism says his work has no form. Present criticism accepts work as being complex. In his time he was criticized for creating caricatures rather than characters. He today has achieved a degree of popular and critical recognition. Ebener Scrooge one of his creations became a familiar

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    Charles Dickens Charles dickens is well known to be one of the world’s greatest writer of his time. His works weren’t much like others works. His works are more like life stories and life experiences. Those are some of the things that influenced Charles dickens writing. A lot of Charles dickens life’s experience where put into his works. He had kind of a rough child hood and you could get the from reading some of his major works such as; Oliver Twist, Hard Times, and A Tale of Two Cities. Charles

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    The Life of Charles Dickens Charles Dickens was a nineteenth-century novelist who was and still is very popular. He was born in Landport, a region of Portsmouth, on February 7, 1812 (Kyle 1). Charles Dickens was the son of John Dickens and Elizabeth Barrow. John Dickens was a minor government official who worked in the Navy Pay Office. Through his work there, he met Elizabeth and eventually married her. By 1821, when Charles was four months old, John Dickens could no longer afford the rent on