Kindergarten Classroom Observation Report

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In electing to observe a kindergarten class, I was hoping to see ‘real world’ examples of the social development, personality types and cognitive variation found within the beginning stages of “Middle Childhood” as discussed within our text. On April 1, 2010, I was welcomed into Mrs. Smith’s all day kindergarten class at the O’Dea Core Knowledge Elementary School in Fort Collins Colorado to observe and note the classroom conditions, interactions of the children among themselves, the teachers or other authority figures and the manner in which learning takes place. O’Dea, as it is referred to within this paper, was selected because it is located within my neighborhood, and I am familiar with it’s location, general population and the mission and goals of the school. The class I visited is comprised of 24 five and six year old children, a lead teacher and a ‘Para-Pro” who assists the teacher and provides support and guidance for the children. Within the classroom itself, there are 6 tables organized in the center of the room in a grid formation. Children have their own workspace at a shared table. Around the perimeter of the room are ‘centers’ where each day, the children work on tasks such as listening, story development, gross and fine motor skills, math, reading and other important skills that are needed to develop socially and academically. In several places on the walls, there are displays or ‘brag boards’ where children can post their work that they feel best represents their efforts. The walls are brightly decorated and are filled with pictures, letters, numbers and other basic elementary school information. It is energizing and interesting without being chaotic or overstimulating. During my visit I was hoping... ... middle of paper ... ...multiple PE classes in addition to their regular rigorous educational cirriculem. Children who need support services for a variety of developmental, emotional or physical conditions receive them as needed from specialists located within the school creating a reliable and trusting relationship, furthering the success rates of the therapy provided. When moving through the hallways, the teachers, aides and staff were all very friendly and helpful, making sure that I not only belonged to be there, but that I was able to find my way to the appropriate locations. Art lined the halls, and the sounds from the classrooms indicated that the children were exicited and engaged in their activies. I would feel most comfortable having children attend this school. It was a warm, safe and nurturing environment, where the individual was celebrated, and the community created.

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