Same Sex Marriage and Politics in the U.S.

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Recently, Same Sex Marriage has become a major issue in the United States. There are variations in opinions concerning the topic. The main concern is should same sex marriage be allowed or declared unconstitutional. Plenty of conservatives are completely against gay marriage and many of liberals are fighting for equal treatment. Many controversies and arguments have developed from this issue. There are many reasons why gay marriage should be legal or illegal.

The people who oppose same sex marriage or also known as gay marriage are mostly conservatives. The republicans for the most part oppose gay marriage and want to make it unconstitutional. Their major point to declaring gay marriage unconstitutional is that a marriage is only between a man and a woman. The conservatives believe gay marriage will change the foundation of society and that people would not be able to adapt to the new norms. If gay marriage is legalized it brings to the next dilemma of adoption of children. Republicans believe that if married gay couples adopt children it would led to children seeing gay marriage as normal and would change society as we know it. The church too is strictly against gay marriage. Their argument is simple, marriage is between a man and woman. Some priests believe gay marriage is an act controlled by the devil itself and consider it to be a sin. While liberals have other points that makes this debate complicated.

Liberals and Democrats believe a marriage is based on the love between a couple and not their gender. The bible itself states that a good marriage is when there is love present. Most liberals believe that the love between couples is most important and it is what makes a marriage last. Liberals believe gay marriage ...

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... By denying gay couples to be married the law is denying the right that should be guaranteed to every citizen and human. By denying them the right it makes gay people subject to discrimination.

Our country has gotten far and is one of the freest countries of the world. This does not have to start changing now. Our country is mostly known for it’s freedom and equality. But another important part of our country is based on the opinions of our people. The decisions or opinions we have really help shape our country. This topic is really controversial and opinions are varied. The opinions are varied between liberals, conservatives, republicans and democrat. Someone are also neutral. Regarding gay marriage, the government has to come to an agreement that satisfies both sides. Change has gotten us far and changes will keep coming that will help shape our country.
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