Salem Witch Trials

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Salem Village, a small town in Massachusetts, is a very peaceful society. There are small fights, like when half of the village agreed to have a church there and half of the hoi polloi who doesn’t like the idea. Still, it was a very tranquil village. People there are Puritans. Puritans are strict Christian believers. They believe that women and children are to be seen, not heard. They believe that the devils and witches have specters, and specters can attack people. Puritans blame bad crops, death of others, and dreadful events on witches. It was still a halcyon village, until in 1692, when madness arrived in Salem Village, Massachusetts. One day, the daughters of the priest started to act strange. Actually, they weren’t acting a little strange, they were throwing fits everywhere. They screamed, fell, twisted their body to uncomfortable positions, and they hurt themselves. In 1692, the only reasonable explanation was that specters were hurting them. Specters can be initiated by witches, and that means that there are witches in this village. Before long, more girls from the age of 6-20 were being attacked by specters. People were worried. At last, they concluded that there are witches in their society, and they were strong-willed to find the witches. In February 1692, the girls who were attacked by specters named three witches: Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne, and Tituba. Sarah Good and Sarah Osborne were rude and unpopular in the village, so it was easy to say that they are witches. Tituba was a maid from the Caribbean. Because there were rasistism then, she was considered a witch because of her race. When Sarah Good was on court, she claimed innocent, but no one believed her. The girls who were attacked by specters screamed in pain, ... ... middle of paper ... ...t they are lying, but the other girls who lied claimed that the girls who said the truth where witches too, so the truth tellers said that they are innocent and was saved. This adversity I compromised was caused by pressure from other villagers. Imagine five students who claim that their money was stolen by someone in the school. The only logical way to get out of this situation is to blame others to take the spotlight off you. Even if no one stole the money, people would start to do that. This is pretty much the same case, only the Salem Witch Trials are dealing with people’s lives while this imaginary event might give you detention or get suspended from school. Salem Witch Trials are not only something to remember in history, it can also teach us a lesson. I conclude the lesson in this event is to not lie. It can go from a heartbreak to deaths of sixteen people.

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