Controversies Of The Salem Witch Trials

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There were many major controversies throughout history. The Salem Witch Trials was one of those major catastrophes. The Trials caused panic and hysteria throughout Salem. Many innocent people died or went to jail for being accused a witch. People who were considered to be their friends or neighbors were turning on them accusing them of witchcraft. This event caused problems with trust and paranoia between many people. Turns out that the Salem Witch Trials were just a hoax after all. The mass hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials began in early 1692. The trials initiated with young girls behaviors being out of the ordinary. One of the many mysteries to this hysteria is what caused the girls to act the way that they did. Samuel Parris was the minister…show more content…
One of the accused was Samuel Parris’ Caribbean slave Tituba. Sarah Good was a homeless beggar who was also accused. The last person was a poor elderly woman, Sarah Osborn The three women were brought before Jonathan Corwin and John Hathorne who were judges of the court for questioning. The young girls who accused the women were present in the courtroom displaying spasms, contortions, screaming, harsh movements, and animal noises (Aronson). The reason behind the girls behaving like that was to show the courtroom and the judges what the effects were for being bewitched. Osborn and Good denied that they were witches. They were then thrown in jail until they were given a trial and an examination. Good was pregnant and the town didn’t want to kill an innocent human being so they waited until the baby was born to hang Good. The baby, however, ended up dying in the jail right before Good was hung. Osborn ended up dying in jail from a long term illness she was fighting. Tituba on the other hand confessed that she saw the devil, and claimed that she had accomplishes in helping the devil against the Puritans. Since she confessed all that happened to her was being put in jail for life. Others who were accused included Martha Corey and Rebecca Nurse who both were upstanding members of church and the community. Sarah Good’s four year old daughter was also accused. To say that a four year…show more content…
Many innocent people were brutally killed for being a “witch”. Families were broken and friendships ended. The fact that people accused friends and neighbors is horrible. It makes people rethink about who they can actually trust. Salem has been affected by these trials since 1692. The fact that anyone actually believed this hysteria is beyond belief. It’s surprising that it took a year to resolve the whole thing in the first place! Personally, the governor didn’t really give back to the families that were affected dramatically. Yes they did get some money in the process, but how does money take the place of your loved one that was killed all because of something that was made up? There’s honestly no way you can repay those families for what has happened and the sorrow that they are going through. Hopefully, nothing this extreme happens anytime soon or in the
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