SWOT Analysis: Food Deliveriez

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Introduction: There is no doubt that consumers wish that a certain Italian Restaurant or Sushi Bar would deliver their delicious products to them. They would enjoy the benefits of not having to take the time in their busy schedule to go to a restaurant and either wait for service or pick-up. There would be a lot of incentive to use the newest form of delivery service available: Food Deliveriez! Apart from the fact that it is the most convenient form of delivery service, it would be the only food delivery service to enter the Wilmington market! The consumer will love how this service will save their time and their money. To maintain our customer-centric approach, our company would charge a low delivery fee; maintenance of our accessibility will be another important facet to our company. Food Deliveriez will be able to cover the entire New Hanover County!

Environmental Analysis: This analysis will cover the changes and forces that will affect our company directly and indirectly through our customer base, suppliers, …show more content…

Our ability to provide customers with delivery of virtually a request will allow us to reach a much larger audience than our competition. By allowing drivers/deliverers to compete for deliveries will allow us to keep the price as low as possible for customers while also fulfilling almost any request. Our other strengths are that we will be able to provide a service that provides convenience and quick delivery by utilizing drivers that are familiar with the Wilmington area. We believe that if enough people are interested in investing in Food Deliveriez, that our business would be up and running in a matter of

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