Russia And Its Cultural Awareness

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Culture of RussiaSGT Davidson, Matthew R.Class 001-01711/04/2016SSG GreeneCulture of Russia What do we know about other cultures, does our knowledge extend to what we have seen in the movies? Are the majority of Russians burly commandos who consume a large quantity of vodka to keep warm in the Russian weather and dream about the day that the KGB and Stalin return? If you believe what you see in the movies, this could be the picture that comes to mind when thinking about Russia and their culture. Though if you are in pursuit of an accurate cultural awareness, there are many tools to help you reach this. Russia is a unique culture with different customs, language, politics, historical value, terrain, and weather. With its vast expanse of land, making it the largest country in the world, and a large population that is hardened by the economy and weather. Russia has the potential to be a useful ally or volatile enemy.Culture Culture is the collection of society’s customs, laws, beliefs, language, history, and other related items that make this group of people different from others. Five major characteristics found in all cultures are integrated, dynamic, based on symbols, learned, and shared. These features are how culture can survive from generation to generation. In Russian culture, family and homeland are of significant value. Russian is the official language, with many speaking English as a second language. Art, architecture, and literature are also a part of the Russian culture. Ballet is a performing art founded in Russia in 1776. Russian writers have had an impact worldwide with their famous literary works. Folklore is a way that Russian’s have taught lessons to children as tales like Baba Yaga, which could... ... middle of paper ... ... Orthodox Church is leading. Urban life in Russia is more refined than rural life, with more emphasis being on arts, literature, technology, and other things of this nature. As compared with rural life is more focused on agriculture and survival. Families are more reliant on each other including extended family to fill all the roles that are needed to provide for the family. Russians’ have had a hard history with trust, usually only trusting family and possibly close friends. Russia Research is an integral part of learning about another culture. This research can be in preparation for a visit or an instance of a large movement to another country. Knowing specifically about another culture will allow for integration of a significant movement with fewer issues and prevent hostile locals which are necessary for relations and information in the present or future.
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