Ice Fili Case Study

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1. Which segments of the general external environment, if any, are relevant to the Russian? Cream industry? Why? One of the favorite snack and desert of Russians since 1900s ice cream was considered one of the best in the world. The popularity had grown since and in 1990 the per capita consumption of ice cream by Russians was 6.95 pounds mainly distributed through kiosk, supermarket, grocessary store, restaurants and cafés. The Russian ice cream industries were facing lot of completion and global pressure to meet up with the benchmarking that the American franchise Haagen- Dazs and Baskin & Robbins has set. Russian ice cream Ice- Fili a midsized company with sales more than 25 million dollars in 2002 was Russia’s top ice cream producer.…show more content…
Even if there are lots of ice cream producers the industry always has to tackle the slowing growth in the industry. There are limited number of customer who consume ice cream frequently. Its main revenue source would come from the loyal customers who like ice cream other than anything else. Ice fili in particular would expand its horizon by focusing on home consumption of ice cream and selling them in bulk. This could tackle with winter demand when customers don’t prefer ice cream on the go. They can also partner up with café’s to serve their products in the hospitality…show more content…
I would recommend Anatoliy Shamonov to increase focus on marketing the ice fili aggressively like the American franchise which would generate more customers to purchase the product. One example would be foreign multi nationals like Unilever and Nestle spent almost three quarters of the annual TV advertising in the ice cream industry. Advertisement is one of the key method that company can explore in order to gain market shares. The most used television advertisement could be used by ice- fili in order to attract large number or Russian consumers who love their ice cream. Shamonov could introduce their brand domestically and internationally by running an advertisement in a Super bowl event or similar statured soccer event to gain the brand recognition and be an established brand like Nestle and stay fairly affordable to the

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