Runaway Teen Essay

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The Life of a Runaway Teen

The rate of American teens leaving home has continued to rise each year. The United States must educate more young people about the dangers of leaving home and living on your on the streets. Runaway teens encounter problems such as drugs, violence, and reliable resources. Runaway’s teens often encounter problems with drugs such having an addiction. An addiction is a chronic brain disease that causes a person to find drugs in unwanted places, despite how harmful they are to them (Addiction p.4).Taking drugs at any age can lead to addiction, research shows that in earlier stages a person using drugs is more likely to be more seriously …show more content…

Violence or abuse can happen to anybody at any given time. The main purpose any abuser does this to gain or have total control over you. When people do this they are most likely to feel guilty about the situation (Abuse p.1, p1). There are two types of violence’s such as physical and emotional. Physical violence is the use of physical force against someone to put them in harm’s way. It is a crime and you will be dealt with (Abuse p.1, p2). The higher risk for most people to be hurt or even dead is the person or partner they are dealing with(Abuse p.1,p2).Physical violence is not picky about who it chooses the main targets are women because they are more emotional than men(Abuse p.1,p2). The second abuse is emotional, Emotional violence is dealing with your feelings and of your self-worth. Being a victim of emotional violence make you feel like there is no hope for you (Abuse p.1, p3). Emotional violence is verbal such as yelling or calling you out your name and it makes you feel unwanted or by yourself like you can’t talk to anyone. People who use emotional violence tend to throw a lot of threats of physical abuse as well as force them to do things that they do not want to do or deal with (Abuse p.1, p3). Both emotional and physical violence’s are real and they both leave scars physical and emotional that are hard to come back from or heal to move forward with life (Abuse p.1, …show more content…

What is prostitution? Prostitution is engaging in sexual acts for money. It is a form violence against women and some men and little girls such as little boys (Prostitution p.1, p1). It is known as an epidemic dealing with STDs it brings among them and leads to suicide about 15% have done it (Prostitution p.1, p5).Many women and little girls are mostly forced to prostitution by men who are pimps. Pimps are people who recruit these women and they seem like they can be trusted and give women a fake job trying to trick her to traveling far away to foreign countries (Prostitution p.1, p5). An example would be a guy finding a small teenage girl on the street picking her up and trying to make her feel like she is worth something by buying things for her or even become their boyfriend and trick her for a job that sounds pleasant or legit but really is not. Later she is set up and feel like she has made a mistake into prostitution making her feel really low and depressed. These women and young girls are threatened and experience rape, abuse, or even put to death. This is very hard to overcome for some who have stopped or escaped prostitution (Prostitution p.1, p6). The main problems dealing with prostitution is gender. A lot of people believe that women are a commodity and they can be bought and sold to any who is willing to have them. No one choose to do prostitution, but the average age for a teen is 12 to 14 years old starting

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