Burn the Fuse of Drug Abuse

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Addiction and abuse of drugs have remained an unexplainable circumstance, even till today. A mistaken assumption is that drug abusers lack moral principles, and if given a chance or in the presence of will power, their selections could be altered. In reality, drug addiction is known as a complex disease and requires more than will power or mere good intentions to change. Due to the fact that drug addiction could change the way the brain works, with time, the brain promotes compulsive drug abuse. It is difficult to relent even if one is ready to do so. Drug abuse has negative influences not only in the lives of mortals, but also in the society.
Drug abuse and addiction not only has negative effects in the lives of the people involved, but also in the lives of their close relatives, friends and immediate society. It leads to disintegration, failure in school, loss of employment and violence. Although intake of drugs is a voluntary and conscious decision initially, continuous intake of drugs changes the brain and challenges the self-control of the “addicted person” and inhibits the ability to resist extreme desire for drug intake.
One major misconception of drug abuse is that drug abuse counts for taking hard drugs. In actual sense, drug abuse is a situation whereby one takes unprescribed drugs due to depression, illness or fear of the unknown, which could lead to one being stigmatized, ashamed or isolated. People take drugs out of curiosity; peer pressure, stress or depression and constant intake of these drugs is what brings about drug addiction. Consequently, illegal drug use is detrimental to the company and could lead to violence, depression and could lead to death.
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