Argumentative Essay On Teenage Drug Use

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Teen Drug Use I once read in an article “Some teens use alcohol or drugs to dull the pain in their lives. When they are given a choice to take something to make them temporarily feel better, many cannot resist” (Look). The use of drugs will [affect] the everyday lives of many teenagers today. Throughout history more and more teenagers have turned to the use of drugs to help them through their everyday struggle. Many teens often feel as if they cannot deal with the everyday pain they may be going through. According to one source, “Some teens use alcohol or drugs to dull the pain in their lives” . . . (Look for). Another article disagrees when it writes “People take drugs just for the pleasure they believe they can bring” (Drugs). This means teens not only turn to drugs to deal with the pain in there lives, but also just for the pleasure and excitement it brings. Knowing the risk of using drugs often helps teenagers avoid doing so. According to one source, “Teens who consistently learn about the risks of drugs from their parents are up to fifty percent less likely to use drugs than those who don’t” (11 facts). This matters because when teenagers are more aware of the risk, they are less likely to use drugs, knowing what the causes are. Teenagers are known to put a great deal of energy into things they enjoy. According to a well-known source “ Research shows that teens put a great deal of energy into concealing drug and alcohol use” (Look for signs). This means, if the teenager enjoys using drugs, they are going to put as much energy as it takes to get these drugs. When teenagers are going through certain problems in there lives, they tend to turn to certain things to help keep the... ... middle of paper ... ... factor in the top three causes for death in fifteen to twenty-four year olds, which are auto crashes, homicides, and suicides.” (Teen Drug). Basically this is saying if we can cut down on teenagers using drugs, we could potentially cut back on not as many deaths. Teenagers are teenagers, they’re going to experiment, that’s just how today’s society is, but you can help them be more aware of what they may choose to experiment with. Be an involved parent, inform your child on the causes of using drugs, before they even begin to think about drugs. Help your child to surround themselves with people that are going to help encourage them not to do drugs. If your child is already on the verge, or has already started using drugs, it’s not too late, there always a chance for them to come to there senses. Don’t give up on your child, when they may need your support the most.
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