Rotogravure Printing Machine Essay

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CHAPTER-0 ABSTRACT : This project is about rotogravure printing machine and its safety consideration. Rotogravure printing machine is widely used in the packaging industries. In packaging industries rotogravure machine used to make the printed wrappers and also use for printing on a plastic. Printing process in rotogravure printing machine is quicker so it takes less time for production. There are 8 to 12 station in rotogravure printing machine which means 8 to 12 different colour can be used in printing. There are many types of printing process and gravure printing is one of them. Rotogravure printing machine use the principle of gravure. In gravure printing graved cylinder is used for printing and this graved cylinder is called the engraved cylinder. This engraved cylinder is main component of the…show more content…
There are many types of safety considered in rotogravure machine like operator safety, environment safety, mechanical safety, structural safety 1.3-MARKET SCOPE Use of printed wrappers etc. is a widely accepted mode of packaging. The market potentiality of these items is quite good. With the increase in the use of plastic/polythene items for packaging of different consumer products like soap, bread, tea, edible oils, mils, pan masala, snacks, etc. this mode of printing has acquired a very good acceptability due to better get-up quicker production and cost benefit. 1.4-HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT The origins of gravure printing were with the creative artists of the Italian Renaissance in the 1300s. Fine engravings and etchings were cut by hand into soft copper. The engraved surface consisted of recessed areas. The Italian word intaglio (in-tal-yo) means engraved or cut in. Rotogravure is an example of intaglio printing or in depth printing. The intaglio printing term was originally used to describe printing techniques in which the image is engraved on a metal surface. In Italian, the word “intaglio” means

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