Roswell Mystery

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The Mystery of Roswell, New Mexico Have you ever wondered what happened in Roswell, New Mexico? Roswell, New Mexico is now a big tourist attraction for its famous crash in 1947. There is two main theories surrounding the crash, from aliens to weather balloons. UFOs and weather balloons are two theories surrounding the mystery behind the Roswell, New Mexico incident. In Roswell, New Mexico there was a mysterious crash is it a UFO or a Weather balloon? There was a report written by a man named Brazel describing ¨Flying discs¨ near Roswell (Frazier). In addition, on June 14 of 1947 a man named William found strange debris on his ranch with materials consisting of rubber, foil, and paper (Tribble). ¨It was a big story back in early July 1947 …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that there are two theories surrounding the roswell, new mexico crash, from aliens to weather balloons.
  • Explains that a popular theory surrounding the crash at roswell is extraterrestrial. in 1979, jesse a. marcel claimed that the craft had strange alien pictorial markings and could neither be dented or burned.
  • Argues that a weather balloon is plausible due to the nature of aliens existing. the air force's secret balloon project had dummies that may have been mistaken for alien bodies.
  • Analyzes the two prominent theories involving the mystery of roswell, new mexico crash are ufos and weather balloons.
  • Cites scott tribble's "roswell incident." st. james encyclopedia of popular culture, gale, 2013.
  • Explains the history of kenneth arnold and the project blue book, which is available from a+e networks.

In 1979 a man named Jesse A. Marcel claimed to see a craft, ¨It had borne strange alien pictorial markings, and it could neither be dented or burned¨(tribble). Moreover, many people have claimed to have gone to the crash site and seen alien corpses (steiger). In addition, Some witnesses say that the craft had weird symbols that no humans used for communication purposes (Randle & Schmit). A man named Dennis says that the government recovered alien bodies and debris from the spaceship (steiger). This claim is significant because it shows appealing evidence to back up the mystery. Based on the facts presented a strong theory to the incident is …show more content…

Additionally, there were balloons launched on july 3 by the air force during a secret project, the balloons had a 15 pound payload (Randle & Schmit). The top secret balloon project ha dummies that may have been mistaken for ¨alien bodies¨(Steiger). But there was also balloons launched by NYU about 17 miles away from Roswell (Frazier). The debris recovered by the government was said to be paper, foil, wood, almost resembling a kite (Frazier). These pieces of evidence contradict the ¨UFO¨ theory by showing physical evidence. Considering the materials recovered by the government a balloon is a plausible theory to support the incident. In the final analysis, the two prominent theories involving the mystery of Roswell, New Mexico crash are Ufos and weather balloons. Many Ufologists say that the debris was from alien origin. In contrast there's scientists who say it was a weather balloon. Either way the mystery behind the Roswell crash will always be a mystery. From the sky and beyond know one will ever know what really happened that

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