Roman Citizenship System Essay

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The Roman Republic had a better system of citizenship for three reasons. First Rome allowed more diversity. Second, the citizens enjoy better rights. Third Rome was all around kinder to it’a citizens. For a bit of background Rome’s citizenship system allows for all free native born peoples to become citizens this includes men, women, children, and children of free slaves. Rome also allowed peoples of these categories in conquered territories to become citizens. However Rome did not allow slaves or freed slaves to become citizens. Athens on the other hand allowed for free adult males to become citizens additionally every adult male who wanted citizenship had to also be born in Athens, complete the education, and serve two years in the military.…show more content…
While some may argue that this is an entirely subjective argument i say that this can be measured by how citizens were treated under the laws of their respective governments. Rome for example treated its citizens with the utmost respect it is even stated in books that when a criminal was apprehended if he could prove citizenship would be immediately be treated much better than a non citizen. There is also proof that any Roman citizen could commute even death sentences for those of exile unless convicted of treason and if a citizen was accused of treason then they had the right to be tried in Rome. Outside of criminal trials the typical Roman male was expected to exceed his father 's accomplishments in some way shape or form. If he accomplished this task he could expect to lead a life that even Donald Trump may become jealous of. However those who did not were not necessarily outcasts they were still bodies with a vote and were respected of high human beings. Athenian citizens were treated well too, assuming they voted and were really nice people. The Typical Athenian citizen will have just gotten off military duty and will be looking forward to a life of leisure and happiness, or not. Athenian citizens were expected to vote if they didn 't they were considered little better than dogs. The good news would be that they could hold public office right? Wrong winning office was not so much as an election as a lottery so being popular would count for nothing. However if that person managed to grab power by lottery then they might have to live in the constant fear of exile. Every year the Athenians would hold a vote to decide who to exile from Athens, so if he was not liked he would not have a fun time. This all points to another tally for Rome bringing the tally up to three for Rome and zero for
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