Greek And Rome Essay

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Greek & Roman Essay
"When in Rome, live as the Romans do; when elsewhere, live as they live elsewhere." Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Roman or Greek? Well, Ancient Greece and Rome have influenced American society throughout the Roman Republic, Greek architecture, and Greek Olympics. There are many interesting facts you should know about Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome! Did you know that the first Olympic Games were held in 776 B.C. at the Greek city of Olympia? Or that the Colosseum received millions of visitors every year, and is the most famous tourist attraction of Rome? You can learn many things about how American society has been influenced by the Ancient Romans and Greeks.

The government of Ancient Rome, the Roman Republic, has influenced American government. The Roman Republic influenced the laws, republican form of government, branches of government, and balance of power. However, the Republic was different from American government. For instance, the Romans had two leaders as consuls of the empire. What was taken from Rome to America, was the idea of a ruling senate that controlled what laws were passed. Consuls had supreme power in both civil and military matters. In the city of Rome, the consuls were the head of the Roman government. They would be the head of the senate and the assemblies. The republic was a large democratic system structured under the rule that no one could hold too much power. Also, people's assemblies were elected by the people to represent the lower classes of Rome. The military was controlled by elected officials. Their terms only lasted for one year! However, it was not a perfect democracy. The Romans did not have a sense of human rights. The city held m...

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...other and it's always good to discover new things. Your mind should be wide open to things especially from the past, such as Ancient history. Also, comparing past rituals to modern day rituals are a good way to advance today's modern knowledge. The Romans & Greeks have accomplished so many things that we now take for granted. Looking into history can help you better understand what the people did for us back then in order to make us more thankful and open minded in the present day! A little bit of background information about the Ancient Greeks and Romans will be much more clearer for you to interpret. They made up lots of things relating to Mathematics & Science such as the discoveries of number theory, Mathematical analysis, and integral calculus. Despitethe fact that they impacted the U.S. in many different ways, it shows how knowledgeable & determined they were!
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