Roman Art And Architecture

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A civilization's legacy is based on what they leave behind for future generations. One of the greatest civilizations, Rome, left behind a great deal. They gave future generations everything from government, to art and architecture. Art and architecture are especially important because they allow us to see how the people lived. They give us insight on both the people's lifestyle and changes in their society. Roman art and architecture signaled shifts in leadership, society, and governmental style, through works like those of Augustus, the Colosseum, and the various imperial fora. Augustus shifted the Roman government to an empire from a republic, as shown in the art and architecture from this time. Augustus did away with the honoring of many wealthy families, and instead shifted all of it to his family. He stopped competitive building and triumphs for anyone outside of his family. Only the Julians were permitted to hold triumphs for their victories in war, and build monumental architecture. Which, in the past, had always been possible to anyone with money. By doing this, Augustus sy...

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