Roller Coaster Ride

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This Expanded English Composition course has been a thrilling rollercoaster ride where I am filled with anticipation of when it will start, and excited when I conquered and survived it when the ride is over. This class has been exactly that. I felt as if this class would begin intense and calm down in the end or at least I would have a better understanding of English that I either forgot or did not understand. Through this course I know I have made continuous improvements in my writing English essays overall, and my grammar has improved drastically though I know that it still need more development. Last semester and especially this semester I have come to realize that I am not as horrible of a writer as I thought. Dr. Spear says that “[I] have a Cheerleader” style of writing which I have to agree with her about. This class opened my eyes to see how writing has so much to offer and everyone has their style of writing that can be incorporated to meet more than what is required. I feel I have achieved this so far so far and only took to improve more overtime. Rollercoaster rides have safety precautions before the ride as do this college English course. These are called in this course Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) or requirements that I would need in order to succeed in the future English classes to come. This was especially true in the field of study which I intend to pursue which is Paralegal Studies. I personally felt that English was my weakest subject and I needed a firm place to start. Writing for me was a form of expression and a way to get things out either in private or in public, yet with this class I learned that it was so much more. I learned that it was a way of social interaction and that we use it more than we ever ... ... middle of paper ... ... am glad the people I have met as well. I am also appreciative of Dr. Spear because when I am still confused all I need to do is set up an appointment or stop by her office on office hours and get a better understanding of what any particular assignment is about. She see if I am still confused and will try to explain it another way which I might not get in the English Courses to come. She always makes to even afterwards; if we still need help we can still contact her. She goes way above and beyond to try to help you understand and get you to the point to where you will be able to handled English classes to come. I did finally realized that my weakness is grammar and sentence structure, but with this class; I have come a long way and the way I feel if I can do it so can you, but you have to try and what you put into it is what you will get out of it. I hope I get 90.

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