Roles Of Social Responsibility

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Social Responsibility Social Responsibility in terms of business makes reference accountability of actions that a business part takes in; in order to benefit the society it’s established in, while aiming to make profit. It outlines a set of ethical rules and regulations that businesses need to adhere to. Corporate Social Responsibility CSR is an obligation of a business to take interest in the welfare of the society around them as well as presentation of a positive image of the company and all stakeholders. In the movie, it is seen that ADM doesn’t take interest in the CSR of the business. They don’t help the society but rather encourage malpractices such as cheating the society by colluding with other businesses and fixing prices of Lysine.…show more content…
The different levels have their own ethical conduct. Individual level: As an employee to behave unethical, is misconduct of the individual level of business ethics. Mark was seen part taking in ‘white collar crimes’ such as accepting kickbacks from the company and money laundering in different schemes. He was later confronted and incriminated for the foul actions. Organisational level: For an organisation to ask an employee to behave unethically or illegally in order to make profit. ADM leaders were seen encouraging Mark to affirm deals to collude with Japanese companies. Mark was paid kickbacks in order to perform these tasks. Professional level: Each profession has an individual code of conduct. It is a set of rules that expected to be followed by the individuals specialising in a specific field. Mark’s reason for confessing the truth to the FBI, was the fact that he couldn’t look past his responsibilities as a scientist in the field. It was unethical behaviour towards the products and the process of selling the food, which also violated the ethics regarding his profession. The other members differed in this regard, as they looked past it and carried on with the
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