Business Case Study: The Wisson Company Policy

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The Wisson company policy stated “Personal payments, bribes or kickbacks to customers or suppliers or the receipt of kickbacks, bribes or personal payments by employees are absolutely prohibited”. (p.564) Dealing with employee ethics company policy this is where I would clearly start first. I have found during the course of this case study several facts that Valerie Young was faced with. While going to make photocopies she discovered her bosses personal companies document revealing commissioning and fees totaling $35,000 per month. Valerie also struggled with revealing her discovery with corporate headquarters, while justifying her own values to protect herself and fellow colleagues. Lionel Waters’ personal greed leads to wrongful business…show more content…
Let’s start with the core reason for this case study. Valerie Young was a marketing manager for the Wisson Corporation when one day she went to make some photocopies. While attempting to make copies she discovered a paper jam and proceeded to clear it. She came across a document that looked similar to her boss’s personal letterhead. Upon further investigation, she noticed that the document revealed evidence that her boss Lionel Waters was receiving $35.000 per month threw his consulting company he had on the side. I see this is a conflict of interest within the company. The Wisson company policy does not specifically address that an employee cannot have his personal consulting company while working within their company. Valerie stated during this case study that in the past year leading up to this event the Wisson Company worked with eight companies to deliver 300 to 400 perfume samples. Once Lionel Waters took over they only worked with two companies and Valerie and her colleagues soon found out that Mr. Waters’ was not to be questioned on his decisions. I can only assume from the case study that Mr. Waters displayed the use of legitimate power due to his position within the company. In my opinion from my reading, Lionel Waters was using his position to line his pockets thru…show more content…
This whole policy allows an upper manager to moonlight with a consultant company on the side. This is a failed process starting with the CEO him or herself by not establishing a clear do’s and don’ts with in there company. Mr. Waters clearly did not have loyalty to the company and only sought out ways to personally prosper for the company’s lack of control. For an employee to want to look the other way proves further that the company had a lack of control of this department. The fear of staff cutbacks and the loss her visa questions her ethics to do the right thing. Her personal greed of acquiring a higher education which may allow her to leverage for a position at a different company goes against my ethics values. The Wisson Company failed to hold Mr. Waters accountable by allowing him to fail as a leader. He clearly never supported his team with confidence and developing ideas and a vision for the team to follow. I have realized how difficult it must be to run a large corporation like Wisson’s without the training of business ethics and a clear vision of corporate

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